Land O’Lakes, Inc. is a strong and, admittedly, different kind of cooperative committed to the idea that all of us—independent farmers and retailers—are stronger when we work together. Today, as a farmer-owned and democratically-controlled cooperative, Land O’Lakes has a constant need for member-owners to volunteer to serve as elected leaders.

Board of Directors' Responsibilities

--Exercise prudent business judgement in matters affecting Land O’Lakes' activities.
--Oversee management’s conduct of the business.
--Set policy direction for Land O’Lakes' business.
--Approve capital expenditures.
--Approve Land O’Lakes' Annual Business Plan and operating budget.
--Approve new members and cancel as necessary.
--Set annual stock revolvement and patronage rates.

Regional Councils' Responsibilities

--Source, recruit and help develop a diverse set of future leaders.
--Contribute to open and collaborative dialogue.
--Support the strategic direction and governance of Land O’Lakes.
--Drive engagement and encourage participation in leader development opportunities.
--Serve as a role model for others.

Annual Governance Timeline